Fujifilm X-Ray Systems

Innovative imaging with exceptional value.

Block Imaging is proud to be an official Fujifilm Channel Partner, offering a variety of systems and products with advanced technology to help medical imaging facilities improve patient care.

Designed to be efficient and cost-effective, healthcare providers can trust their Fujifilm X-ray systems to provide exceptional results in prevention, diagnostics, and treatment.



Fujiflim Detectors

Innovative digital radiographic technologies that help healthcare providers achieve and deliver exceptional images.



Fujifilm Clinica Suites

Suites are uniquely designed to fit any diagnostic imaging facility. Clinica suites are adaptable and affordable without compromising technology.



Fujifilm Portable x-ray

 Innovative technology that is remarkable durable yet fully mobile. 




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Paving the road for revolutionary technology for 80 years.

Since 1936, Fujifilm Healthcare Solutions (Fujifilm) has been a leader in clinical diagnostic imaging solutions. Fujifilm revolutionized the world by developing the world's first digital X-ray system. Fuji continues to be a global leader in the diagnostic imaging industry with over 310 companies, 15 core technologies, and 11 fundamental technologies.

Since 1936

Over 85 years of diagnostic innovation.

15 Core Technologies

Developing fundamental and core technologies for decades.

Over 310 Companies

A global leader in digital X-ray solutions.


Why Choose Digital X-Ray Systems from Fujifilm?

Fujifilm Digital X-ray systems are uniquely designed with features that better the lives of users and patients. Fujifilm products can give users confidence and trust that each digital radiography system will produce high-quality images with lower distributed doses. As a world-class leader, Fujifilm X-ray systems can hold its own against industry competitors. They continuously revolutionize technology to better fulfill the needs of healthcare providers while delivering cost-effective products.

With advanced technology, dedication to bettering patient lives, and passion for innovation, Fujifilm leads the way for digital radiographic systems. 

Technology with Benefits

While each X-ray system has many of the same features, Fujifilm has released technology that had made systems like the FDR AQRO, FDR Go Plus, and the FDR Clinica X suites world-class. These features allow X-ray buyers to experience exceptional technology that will outperform other systems on the market. Below are examples:

Dynamic Visualization

As a pioneer of digital imaging processing, Fujifilm created Dynamic Visualization II, which helps to optimize clarity, contrast, and image display based on the recognition of anatomic characteristics.

ISS Technology

Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology positions its capture electronics (TFTs) at the irradiation side, in contrast to traditional detectors. Its design suppresses scattering and attenuation of X-ray signals which improves efficiency to deliver sharper images.

Virtual Grid 

One of Fujifilm's unique features helps terminate the scatter effect, improve contrast and clarity and reduce the dose by as much as 50% while reducing the dose by as much as 50% for images acquired without a grid. A feature that is very customizable to fit your needs.


System Support Coverage

With their goal of improving outcomes for patients, Fujifilm brings decades of expertise to better support healthcare providers. X-ray systems are sold with a standard 1-year warranty. Find comfort and care knowing Fujifilm's system support coverage includes:

100% Glassware Protection

Failed tube? No worries. During the warranty period, failed tubes from regular use are replaced at no cost for covered healthcare providers.

Hands-on Applications Training

After installing Fujifilm X-ray systems, Fujifilm staff educate and work alongside end users for multiple in-person application training sessions. 

Remote Applications Support

The Fujifilm support team members work with X-ray users to resolve applications issues, with no additional billing hours logged.