FDR Clinica X Floor Stand Suite

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Any way you want it.

Fujifilm's Clinica X provides imaging healthcare providers with a user-friendly workflow. The most important aspect of the Clinica X FS is its custom configuration and all of its features. One of the most customizable x-ray suites available to purchase, both top- and center-reference rotations are possible with the rotating tray with no need to remove and remount, substantially reducing handling and speeding exams. With features that are meant to increase product longevity, you will find great value in installing a suite that can scale to meet your needs in the future.


Want the best of both worlds? Top and center-reference rotations are possible with Fujifilm's rotating tray, and an automatic detector connection is built-in. This feature reduces user handling and speeds up exams for patients.

Future Scalability

FDR Clinica X FS was created with your future in mind. Its scalability allows departments to improve workflows, increase exams, and budget efficiently. This customizable suite allows you to choose between a ceiling or floor-mounted tube head.

Automatic Connection

The detector cable and connector are built directly into the tray. This functionality improves efficiency, reduces external cable management, and keeps the battery continuously charged so it’s always ready for on-demand wireless operation.

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The Fujifilm Clinica X Suite is one of the most scalable, high-quality, cost-effective x-ray solutions in the industry. Fill out Block Imaging's product request form to learn more about the Fujifilm Clinica X OTC Suite.

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