FDR Clinica X OTC Suite

Functional Design and Durability



Healthcare Systems


Designed for Flexibility.

Fujifilm's Clinica X OTC has all the modern features healthcare providers need to improve user workflow and patient experiences. One of the best features of the Clinica X suites is that you can configure your x-ray room with either floor-mounted or ceiling-mounted equipment. With the Clinica X OTC suite, a tilting wall stand is included. With the Clinica X OTC suite, a tilting wall stand and so many other features are included to make this suite custom-configured to meet your current and future needs. 

Detector Flexibility

FDR Clinica X OTC is compatible with Fujifilm detectors FDR D-EVO II and ES. You will be able to choose among multiple detectors and different sizes that will meet your facility's needs.

Robust Scalability 

Fujifilm FDR Clinica X OTC is a customizable suite. With a ceiling-mounted suite, you will be able to meet your facility budget and workflow requirements for healthcare providers.

Custom Configurations

The FDR Clinica X OTC stitching room comes standard with an automatic tilted wall. Many types of exams can be performed with different tilting stands.

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Whether it's mounted on the floor or the ceiling, Fujifilm's Clinica X OTC suite is custom configured to fulfill your needs. Fill out Block Imaging's product request form to learn more about the Fujifilm Clinica X OTC Suite.

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