FDR Go Plus

Functional Design and Durability.



Healthcare Systems


Looking to introduce mobile imaging to your facility? With Fujifilm's exceptional image quality and dose performance, you can optimize workflow and minimize patient disturbance. Fujifilm's FDR Go Plus maintains world-class imaging technology while being one of the smallest and quietest full-size mobile DR systems. Healthcare providers can deliver quality imaging even during challenging exams with its quiet, smooth, and user-friendly design.

Functional Design

The FDR Go Plus was created to achieve precise positioning at your patient's bedside without needing to return to the drive handle. There are 3 sets of easy-to-reach tube positioning releases that allow healthcare providers to position the system exactly where they need it.

Safety For Everyone

The FDR Go Plus includes features to ensure the safety of users and patients. Safety technology includes a touch-sensing bumper that stops the system and sounds an alarm if an obstacle comes too close. 

Modern Technology 

Not only does it include Dynamic Visualization II and Virtual Grid, but the FDR Go Plus was also designed with Multi-Frequency Processing (MFP), Flexible Noise Control (FNC), and Grid Pattern Removal (GPR). All features help to improve visibility for varying densities and foreign structures.


Go More with Go Plus

Your mobile DR system just became more convenient! Now, healthcare providers can allocate more time to better care for patients. Take a moment to download more information about Fujifilm's FDR Go Plus. 

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Fujifilm FDR Go Plus Brochure

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