FDR D-EVO III Detector

Modern technology for extensive portable environments.





Healthcare Systems


Same performance. Light as a feather.

Technology continues to evolve. Introducing the world's first glass-free detector. The FDR D-EVO III includes Fujifilm's innovative film-based capture circuitry layer created to reduce blurry signals while delivering excellent DQE and reducing doses. By eliminating the traditional glass panel, the FDR D-EVO III is significantly lightweight to just 4 lbs. More so, the FDR D-EVO II is compatible with incredible accessories; cable, docking stand, charger, and batteries.

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Adaptive Accessories

Compatible with other FDR detector components, such as FDR D-EVO II accessories, providing consistent functionality for any imaging facility.


  • Additional Detectors and sizes
  • Workstations
  • Spare Batteries
  • Table-top Battery Charger
  • Detector Docking Stand
  • Grid Caps and/or Virtual Grid 
  • Advanced Image Processing

Innovative Design

The world's first glass-free DR detector with patented ISS designed with lightweight technology made for a portable environment. 

Energy Saving Features

The FDR D-EVO III is designed with tapered edges and antibacterial coating that houses comprehensive energy-efficient technology like memory and sleep modes.


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