Neusoft CT Scanners

Imaging quality and a strong value

Purchasing a CT system is about much more than a price tag, it's about overall value. With brand-new systems from other manufacturers occupying the high end of the cost spectrum and a secondary market of used and refurbished equipment on the opposite end, Neusoft strikes a compelling balance with brand-new systems that embody both advanced technology AND affordability.



A growing leader in diagnostic imaging since 1998

Since 1998, Neusoft Medical Systems (NMS) has been a growing leader in clinical diagnostic imaging and treatment solutions. Their multi-modality product family includes the Neuviz line of advanced CT scanners. NMS supports over 40,000 equipment installations in more than 110 countries around the world. Block Imaging is proud to offer NMS equipment to help medical imaging facilities optimize their patient care at a strong value.

Since 1998

Over 20 years of diagnostic innovation

Over 41,000 Systems

Serving clinics & hospitals worldwide

Over 110 Countries

A global leader in diagnostic solutions


Why Choose a Neusoft CT System?

Neusoft CT scanners runs neck-and-neck alongside its competitors for image quality, patient throughput, and technician/physician workflow. This quality, combined with exceptional service support and cost savings across the lifetime of the equipment, make Neusoft a unique value among the options on the CT market.

Premium Features

The standard feature package that comes with Neusoft CT scanners includes several features that are sold separately for many other CT models on the market. Some of these features cost tens of thousands of dollars in addition to the price of the CT itself. This is just one of the ways Neusoft CT scanners bring excellent value to CT buyers. Here are a few examples:


One-Click Bone Removal

As the name states, this post-processing feature allows users to remove bone tissue from an image with a single mouse click to focus on soft-tissue anatomy. See how quickly One-Click Bone Removal activates to clearly display vessel anatomy in the video below.

System Support Coverage

Another value Neusoft adds to the CT ownership experience is their richly-inclusive support coverage program. Neusoft CT scanners are sold with a standard 1-year warranty. During that time, users can have peace of mind knowing that their coverage includes features like these:

100% Glassware Coverage

If, during regular use over the warranty period, a tube fails, that tube is replaced at no cost to the covered party. This could be a savings of thousands (or tens of thousands) for the end user.

Applications Training

After a Neuviz CT system installs, Neusoft training staff works alongside the user to provide 52 hours (across two visits) of in-person applications training. This support feature helps personnel that are new to CT, or new to Neusoft, acclimate to the interface of the Neuviz product line.

Unlimited Remote Applications Support

The Neusoft support team works alongside the CT user to resolve applications issues, with no additional billing for hours logged.

Lifetime Software Upgrades

Beyond just the warranty period, Neusoft provides system software updates at no additional cost for the functional lifetime of the CT scanner. This includes Microsoft Windows OS updates! (NOTE: if additional hardware is required for an update, this is billed separately)