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2001 GE 1.5T EXCITE HDXt MRI (A-006094) for Sale

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2001 GE 1.5T EXCITE HDXt MRI (A-006094)
Upgraded to HDXT in 2008, CXK4 Magnet, 15X Software, 8917 HFD-S Gradient Amp, 8ch RF, EPI, FGE, Cine, FSE & Flair, TOF, Phase Contrast Vascular Imaging, Proactive Service, Videoconferencing, DW EPI, Flair EPI, Special, SSFSE, Three Plane Localizer, Modality worklist, E3DTOF, FSE_XL, BloodSupp, FastCine, Tagging, iDrive Pro, Smart Prep 2000 Upgrade, FuncTool 2, VoxTool, IVI, Clariview, Performed Procedure Step, Ultrashort TR, T2 Breathhold, SSFSE MRCP, T1 Breathhold, ACGD Plus, Fluoro Triggered MRA, MRCP3, Dynamic R1, Fiesta 2D, Fiesta 3D, Asset, 3D FRFSE, Asset Plus, Tricks, Fiesta-C, Breast2, Propeller DWI, Propeller T2, 2D Fat Sat Fiesta, 8ch System, Lava, Flair 3D, Multi-Phase (variable delays), Blood Flow and Volume Measurements, T2 Map, 2D Merge, Lava-XV, Bravo, Breast Single Voxel Spectroscopy, Cosmic, 3D Dual Echo, Arc; Coils Include: 8ch Neurovascular Array, 8ch CTL Array, 8ch Body Array, HD Knee, 8ch Wrist, 8ch Breast, Shoulder Array, 3” Round, 5” Round, GP Flex, Quad CTL Array, Torso Array, Quad Head, NVA, Breast Array
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15331 A-006094

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