JPI DynaVue Duo Radiography & Fluoroscopy

Crystal-clear Radiography & In-house Fluoroscopy with Live Visible and Thermal Cameras in one Compact System

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Grow Diagnostic & Surgical Capabilities

DynaVue Duo's fluoroscopy features empower vet practices to reduce referrals and perform a much broader range of diagnostic and surgical procedures in-house.

ExamVue Duo Software

Cutting-edge imaging diagnostic software with advanced algorithms that can help in the analysis, interpretation and diagnosis. Specially tailored to fit your practice’s needs. 


The JPI Cloud PACS expands access to your images to anywhere you can connect to the internet. It allows for easy sharing with doctors and patients throughout your practice or anywhere in the world.

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DynaVue in Action

(Excerpt from a fluoro-guided laryngeal trauma study)


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