FDR D-EVO II Detector

Functional Design and Durability.



Healthcare Systems


Designed for Tough Environments.

Quality that really makes the difference. The FDR D-EVO II detector was re-engineered to perform better. Its technology provides the versatility and safety your healthcare providers are looking for in your facility. The FDR D-EVO II detector was designed to withstand your most challenging environments. The detector's edges are smooth and tapered for easier positioning and handling for users, it includes built-in image storage making data retrieval better.

Take a moment to download more information about Fujifilm's FDR ES Detector.


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Improved User Efficiency 

Designed with the healthcare providers in mind, its lightweight* and rounded edge shape enables users to better handle components.  

*FDR D-EVO II 14x17'' detector is one of the lightest in the world at only 5.7 lbs.

Impact Resistant Design

Fujifilm created the FDR D-Evo II to be specifically structured with magnesium alloy for a lightweight and durable design that was built to withstand impact up to 310kg. 

Advanced Technology Features

Designed with a hydrophilic coating, the structure technology helps to eliminate bacteria up 99% while protecting the FDR D-Evo II from various liquids with its IPX-6 rating for water resistance.


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