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OEC 9900 Elite 9" MD for Sale

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OEC 9900 Elite 9" MD
Tri Mode Image Intensifier DICOM 3.0 1kx1kx16 bit Digital Image Processing Noise Filter Real-time Variable DRM Enhancement Zoom and Roam Negate Mode Dual Articulating High Resolution LCD Monitors Automatic and Manual Contrast Brightness Control Last Image Hold Dose Area Product (DAP) X-Ray 15kW Generator X-Ray Tube: 1.6 MHU Digital Video Imaging System 1000 Image Storage 9°/sec. Orbital Motorized Rotation 9°/sec. Lateral Motorized Rotation RUI (Remote User Interface - Table Side Control Panel) All 9900 Mainframe Controls Image Review Functions C-Arm Motion Joystick Control Motorized Vertical Lift Contact/Collision Detection C-Arm Angle Display - Real-time and Saved Images Active X-Ray Tube Cooling
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